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  • Home > Bangkok Tourist > Parks > SERI THAI PARK

    Once known as Buengkum or Bueng-ta?thor . Pond, this was abandoned reservoir until it was icorporated into the flood prevention project of HM the King. It was then transformed into a park as well as a reservoir to hold excess water before its release into natural canals.

       On the 52nd anniversary of the end of World War II, August 16, 1997, the park was officially given the name Seri Thai Park in honour of the Seri Thai or Free Thai Movement whose members fought alongside the Allies during the, japanese occupation.

        It is the only public water park in Bangkok and covers an area of 360 rai (about 145 acres). The 9 km. long reservoir is linked with Sansap Canal , and many native plants grow in the park area. The island pavilion has10 varieties of palm tree.

    Three Forest Parks: Thaveesuk, Romsai and Cha roenkarn, with a variety of perennial trees such as B nyan, Royal Poinciana, Cassia and Borneo Mah gany.

        In the flower and fruit gardens, most of the f ants are of Thai origin. Among the flowering shrubs are pikul and moke, while fruit trees include pomelo, santol, custard apple and jackfruit.  

         Apart from being a water park in the middle of the city, Seri Thai Park is also an outdoor classroom displaying different varieties of Thai plants and trees for those who have both education and recreation in mind.

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