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    Built in 1983 by the Venerable Kuang Seng, this is a Mahayana Buddhist shrine. The regimen of devotees to the shrine is very strict: Ordinands must eat vegetarian food and are not allowed to disrobe. They must meditate and abandon worldly life to seek Dhamma, and study and practice meditation.

    Architecture : The shrine is in the Chinese style At the yard in front is the Sukhavati building are shrines to Chinese gods and dragon pillars.
    The Main Shrine : This contains an image of the Bodhisattva Kuan Yin and the Bodhisattva Prince Ang Hai Yi. The interior is decorated with man traditional Chinese deities and Buddha images, such as the 12 Chinese year signs, Tang sam Chang Lang, Lang Tai Su and figures of Guanyin in 32 positions. There is also a vegetarian hall and insight meditation building where ceremonies for those coming to meditate are performed.


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