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Niqab Hijab Prayer Shawls Islamic clothing Hijab Muslim Hijabs buy Hijabs online Hijab Shop Hijab Store. Various dress for muslimah to catch up. muslim dress is style of covering body. thank for recommendation and the owner of all the cloths.

 Muslim girl  girl muslim muslimah busana muslimah.
- Is Islamic dress appropriate for modern times?
Islamic dress is modern and practical. Muslim women wearing Islamic dress work and study without any problems or constraints.

- But aren't there Muslim women who do not wear Islamic Dress, or hijab?
Some Muslim women choose not to wear hijab. Some may want to wear it but believe they cannot get a job wearing a head scarf. Others may not
be aware of the requirement or are under the mistaken impression that  wearing hijab is an indication of inferior status.

- Why is Islamic dress becoming an issue for personnel managers and supervisors?
The Muslim community in American is growing rapidly. Growth factors  include conversions to Islam, immigration from Muslim countries and high   birth rates for Muslim families. As the community grows, more Muslim  women will enter the work force. In many cases, these women wish both to  work and to maintain their religious convictions. It should be possible   to fulfill both goals.

Woman Styles
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